Spinning mills

KAS industries with the vision of providing the 100% cotton yarn which are not only eco-friendly but are created with high-end tools such that minimum damage is provided to the environment. We have more than 320 trained employees working with us as of now, and we definitely look forward to hiring more in the near future. Each of our employees is well-trained, experienced under the strict supervision of managing director who manages both the men and machines.

We are adynamic company with eco-friendly spinning mills which pays special stress on production, research and development, marketing and provides finished products only after 100% quality assurance. Making the best use of available resources and the high-end tools, we are growing by leaps and bounds, and are striving hard to boost up our productivity and efficiency in the coming years!

Wind mills

KAS Industries since its inception has always been in favor of sustenance and green production and business operations. This is what is reflected well onto out manufacturing culture. KAS Industries is proud to showcase that we house windmills at our premises for the production of green electrical energy which meets 65% of our electricity requirements. KAS Industries India Pvt Ltd currently producing 9 MW of clean green energy via windmills. We tend to follow eco-friendly methods for the production of the best quality products.

This is not about it, we also follow proper systematic manufacturing techniques during each stage of the yarn production which makes sure that the produced yarn is in accordance with the industry's standards and the customer's satisfaction.


Leather Division at Ranipet

KAS industries has a production capacity of converting 3 lakh sqft of raw hides to wet blue (semi-finished) leather within one tannery. Leather division also contains separate tannery to convert semi finished leather to finished leather with production capacity of 4 lakh sqft/month.


We deal with a range of cotton yarn, the most popular one being 100% cotton...


KAS Industries India Pvt Ltd is well-equipped with technically advanced machinery and has a streamlined production process in place...